Kisumi Shigino aka @actual_princecharming

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The Walking Dead’s opening actor credits for season 5 (*by request)

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"Come on, don’t worry. At his age it would be weirder if he never dated a woman. In ten years, you’ll be the beauty, Naru. You can appropriate him then.”
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"What the hell? You two really are dating!" 

"No we’re not. Give it up already. But she does belong to me.”

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"It’s never bothered me"

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#tokyoghoulweek » Emperor [Favorite male character] » Kaneki Ken


doctor: you have to run more you’re incredibly out of shape

me: but doc i definitely run…..a blog haha

doctor: nice

me: nice

doctor: you’re going to die

me: nice

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Free! :: AU in which the newly hired officer Sousuke Yamazaki 
meets the local troublemaker Rin Matsuoka.
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anonymous asked ⤖ Rei x Shougo or Izumi x Ryouma

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Summer is finally over and now it’s time for the Fall 2014 Season animes!
For the complete list of animes, OVAs, movies, and more, visit here!

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Mako ▶ character tropes

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