on leave.
hey, this is jas! so i've decided that instead of deleting my blog, i'll leave it on hiatus while i bury myself with school works. i'm terribly sorry if you feel like i've ignored your messages or anything but that's not the case all right?~ i'm currently doing an ATAR pathway in school and i was totally disheartened by my results from sem one so i'm gonna devote more time on homeworks and study plans. i'll probably be around from time to time to queue some stuff but that's about it. i really won't be able to answer any queries and such because of my tight schedule. i was planning on ending everything and deleting this blog but my bro and irl friends thought it'd be a waste if i do lol. anyhow 'til next time!
- 01/08/14 //
PS: if you ever wish to join my anime family, please do! i'll add you guys when i get some computer time :)
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